Grand Prize Drawings Is on The 5th Of Each Month. If You Want To Be In The Drawing, You Will Have To Make A Online Purchase To Have The Chance To Win A Free PS4 Controller.

Prize & Disclaimer Rules: You are required to have made at least 1 online store purchase with us in order to have a chance to be in the drawing.   To all that enter for a chance to win  a BRAND NEW IN THE PACKAGE  PS4 CONTROLLER, Are Subject To THESE RULES:  There will be a drawing on the 5th of each month starting on feb 5th of 2021, To have a chance each month to win a PS4 CONTROLLER of your choice of any color. The way the winner will win will be. All you will have to do is just subscribe to our mailing list, and make at least 1 online store purchase with us within a months time from the date of the 5th, any time between that time you are secure to be in the drawing and that's it. And at the end of each month on the 5th we will enter all that has subscribed to our mailing list, with us. you will be put into a system that will pick the winner. After the winner is picked, you will be sent an email confirmation that you have won the grand prize of a PS4 CONTROLLER, You will then have to reply back to us to let us know what color would you like that's it FOLKS!! IT'S that simple.   Now the rules are as follows:  You can only enter your self once per draw, and per person, meaning your self, before the 5th of each month, and along with at least 1 online store purchase, curb side orders will not count as an online store purchase to qualify.   If we find that you have violated our rules and terms and conditions:  your account will be deleted no question asked.     GOOD LUCK TO THE WINNER!!!                                                                ALL RULES AND TERMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY GIVEN TIME: